Markisha Renee

Transformational Life Coach

I’m here to help YOU

design a life you LOVE.


Self Discovery Strategizing

Holistic process that empowers you to take control of your destiny and create a life full of vitality and abundance.


Wellness Lifestyle Planning

Heart centered spiritually aligned coaching using meditation to jumpstart your development of a deeper sense of closeness and comfort, increase your emotional awareness, and heal old wounds.


Goal Setting

Somewhere along the way you stopped looking around to make sure the path you were on is taking you  where you want to go.

You deserve to be the master of your destiny.


What exactly is it you want from your relationship?
Learn to communicate your wants and needs clearly. Establish and enforce healthy boundaries. Find and maintain greater fulfillment in personal and professional  relationships.

You deserve to feel loved

Anxiety & Stress Management

Together we will implement customized techniques to help you create inner calmness. This sets the foundation for you to feel more grounded & in control even when you are on the go.

You deserve to feel at peace.

Career Coaching

 Create an emotionally and financially fulfilling career in alignment with your passions and purpose.

You deserve to succeed by your own measure.





Why Choose Life Coaching?



You probably work hard every day trying to accomplish a lot. You’ve done everything you were supposed to, and most of the things you’ve set your mind to do. You’re dutiful, helpful, and kind. You may also be overwhelmed by an over-flowing to-do list.

You’ve keep busy meeting the needs of everyone around you and might not have prioritized yourself.

You could be feeling anxious and stressed out more than you want to. You’re also not having as much fun as you thought you would along the way.

It’s been too long since you’ve stepped back to examine what you want out of life and how you’d like to live—today, tomorrow, and for the next 5 or 10 years.

You’re ready to start getting more out of life.

Who Is Life Coaching For?



Coaching is for people who want support in becoming a better version of themselves to build a happier, more meaningful life . 

Coaching is for anyone who is capable but struggles to take action in achieving their goals.

Coaching is for people who need help identifying what is holding them back.

Coaching is for people who want to stay committed in times of uncertainty. 

 Coaching is for people who believe the answers are out there and want a trusted guide along their journey.




The HyFlyer Process


This isn’t for everyone... but it may be just right for you.

My approach is an eclectic combination of a practical customized coaching process, skill building, and nurturing energy work.

 Connecting to your emotional center will enhance your ability to infuse your purest form of joy into your everyday life. 

Fortifying natural skills and abilities will create lifelong transformational change.

Guided meditations will attend to any hidden barriers that might arise during the journey.

For more details on the coaching options available and which could be best for you text 862-314-0632.

Find Your Focus

 You know you have a difference to make. But, you’re so overwhelmed by day-to-day life that you don’t have a moment to figure it out.

I help you shed the overwhelm, guilt and fatigue that is weighing you down.

And then, help you create the space to identify the passions and purpose that is going to make a difference in your life – and in the world.

Foster Empowerment

You have great ideas. But every time you try to start, the options feel so overwhelming that you throw your hands up in frustration.

That’s where I jump in.

I help you design a plan, and provide the support you need to get going. I’ll help you develop your vision, create the strategy that’s going to make it happen and the momentum to take action.

You are empowered to disassociate from the “can’t” mind-set.


Maintain Momentum

You got off to a great start, but now you’re on the verge of burning-out. You feel off balance and unable to sustain your focus.

I help you reconnect with what you are doing and why.

I’ll provide you with the support you need to create sustainable momentum from channeling your flow state. you and make an even bigger difference.

By helping you create empowering visions, beliefs, & habits we’ll work towards breakthrough solutions and achieving the set goal. New paradigms evolve leading to new solutions and life goal successes, maintaining ecological check and resulting in long-term harmonious coexistence.


Coaching Packages

90 Minute Realization Package


In this 90-minute session, we’ll jump into your most urgent needs and clarify what you want to resolve right now.




More Details

If you’re not sure if a longer-term coaching package is for you, The 90 minute Spot Treatment is a the perfect place to start.

What You’ll Get

In this personalized intensive session we can dive into your most urgent needs. You’ll take deep meditative breaths and be able to make decisions from a place of calm confidence.


We can take a step back to assess your satisfaction with life.

What do you want?
Why do you want it?
How can you make it happen? 

Have you been circling the same questions for a while now?

Let’s dig in and find the answers!

I am so excited and greatful for the opportunity to serve you!


5 Step VIP Release Package


You’ll get clarity, support, empowerment and choice.

Together we will dig into what you REALLY want in your life— the dreams that make your blood pump and get you to embrace heartbeat of your happy.

More Details

What do you want that you haven’t been able to achieve on your own?

Do you want to create more space, balance and joy in your life?
Go on a big adventure?
Make a change at work?

Improve your relationships?
Start a business?
Move to a new city?

Take a sabbatical and pursue a passion? Focus on your family or pets?

If you’re ready to invest in taking care of yourself, your future, your happiness, this is for you.

I’m passionate about working with people who are motivated to make positive changes in their lives to find the clarity, confidence and resources to say YES to the life they deserve!


10 Step Elite Rebirth Package


If you want insight into your career/business/personal branding to understand your competitive edge…

This is for you!


More Details

This program provides insight to your visual identity, effective communication style, leadership initiative, and intrinsic values giving you a full circle understanding of your irresistible individuality.  

You will have the processes, tools and strategies that will help you navigate and overcome obstacles to making informed decisions that align with your distinct style.


My Desire for You


Beloved, I wish above all things that thou mayest prosper and be in health JOHN 3:2 KJV

I believe wholeheartedly that the universe is infinitely abundant. I believe that there is spirituality in the self empowerment of an individual. Responsibility for the direction of our lives is a divine act because it enhances the light inside of us and frees us to be so much more.

My mission is to support you in making a perceptible shift in consciousness and vitality so that more opportunities flow towards you naturally, with ease, and grace.

I do not consider myself a strictly religious person. However, I find that I subscribe to more than a few universal truths that surface in most sacred texts. I am guided by my clairsentient abilities and spiritual connection with the life giving energy of our universe.

It would be an honor to serve as your guide and support you in building a life designed with love.


  “I absolutely love working with Markisha! She is such an inspiration. When we talk, I can tell her anything. I never feel judged and I feel like she is truly there for me. Her advice and ideas are realistic, easy, quick to implement, and effective. !” ~Alva T.,  Health & Wellness Coach


“Markisha was able to give me a different perspective so I could see the situation differently thus make it easier to deal with, or tools to help me delve into my mind and see things more clearly so that I understood exactly what to do.”       ~Toni H.,  IT Administrative Manager

Markisha is a gifted, sensitive and straight forward Life Coach and Hypnotherapist. She uses her vast experience, tools and education to help you get beyond your troublesome patterns. .”  ~Lauren M., Director of Global Events

Why continue to suffer?

Begin a better life today!