Markisha Renee

Transformational Life Coach

Passion, Purpose, Path

Hi, I’m Markisha Renee!

 I am a mompreneur spiritual lifecoach, alternative health & wellness practitioner, and astroplanner (Astrology-based planner).


So, What Lead Me Here?

I am a millennial mom who found herself at the end of a bittersweet relationship with a corporate career.  

I wanted more for my marriage, better for my children and career alignment with my full self.

Over time, my corporate experience in human resources & project management, my knack for organization, my lifestyle choice of holistic health, and my enthusiasm for astrology/ earth honoring practices combined to become the foundation for the next chapter of my life. 

I spent well over 10000 hours training to become a certified life coach, communing with nature, nourishing my family, and planting seeds of success.  After a period of introspection learning, and application, I have resurrected as a renewed version of myself.   

I share my gifts through my compassionate and nurturing mind-body-soul approach to personal development and transformational change.










My Values & Beliefs

Know Your Self

Be True to Yourself


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